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An Alternative to Vehicle Leasing:

MAPS is a vehicle financing program that lets you enjoy the benefits of leasing, including monthly payments that are considerably lower than conventional financing. Because MAPS is a loan and not a lease, you avoid all of the expensive drawbacks of leasing.

The benefits of MAPS include:

  • Ownership of the vehicle
  • Up to 18,000 miles per year allowance
  • No application fees or security deposit
  • No first or last payment
  • And more!

Click the button above to calculate a monthly payment and compare the MAPS payment with traditional vehicle financing. When all the steps are completed you will receive a message informing you that a loan officer will be contacting you.

Note: This site is for calculation only. A loan application must still be executed. 


Feature MAPS ™ Leasing
Sales tax Paid up front Monthly Sales Tax Fee (usually adds up to more than 6% using this method)
Up front first and last payment required No Usually Yes
Security deposit required No Usually Yes
Options at end of term: Sell vehicle Yes Yes
Use as trade Yes Usually No
Finance residual Yes Yes
Return Vehicle* Yes Yes
Previously owned vehicles qualify Yes** Usually No
Mileage allowance Up to 18,000 miles per year 12 to 18,000 per year
Over limit 10 cents per mile
Who owns vehicle Member Lease company
*If a member returns vehicle, credit union is guaranteed payment of Residual value established at time loan is disbursed.
**Current model year and previous three model years qualify. Demonstrators qualify as new vehicle when they are current model-year vehicle.


For more information about MAPS call our Loan Office at 570-961-1100.

*Current model year vehicle and vehicles up to three model years old qualify for MAPS financing.